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We propose solutions for specific needs based on the person, family or business which is already going strong or on the rise, with the aim of meeting your expectations or even exceeding them to contribute to your success. We have experience in many different Swiss, European and international sectors, which helps us face any problem to protect you, your children and future generations.

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Corporate and private advisory

Private and corporate tax optimization

Tax planning and international tax regulations are becoming increasingly stringent and complex. Finding the right balance between what clients are after and what tax situation they are in, without prejudice to legal constraints, requires very intricate analysis and preparation, which also often requires us to call on Swiss or international experts. In the long term, we can assist you with the various evolutionary phases of your tax planning and advise you on the right tools needed to protect your assets.

Multi-family office, generational transition

This service is aimed at entrepreneurs who find themselves having to manage complex situations involving several generations all managing a company. In these cases, we work alongside independent experts who give advice on how to keep companies running normally, guarantee continuity and profitability over time and plan the generational change most suited to clients’ expectations. We can also help entrepreneurs monitor strategies for managing personal and family assets.

Estate planning, legal assistance

It is always best to think ahead. We advise our clients to plan their inheritance wishes well in advance. Doing so, circumvents future problems which could be difficult and expensive. Furthermore, choosing to plan your inheritance also helps you optimize some tax aspects. We offer legal assistance throughout the planning process to check your previous situation, your current situation and your future goal in order to protect yourself, your family and future generations.

Risk analysis and asset protection

Listening to clients, understanding their needs and analyzing the initial situation is where our job begins. It is also the most difficult and most interesting part, because every time a new challenge arises we find the right tools to achieve ever-changing goals. Aside from diversity, we always act by sticking to two key points which underpin the relationship we have with clients: mitigating risks and protecting your personal or business assets.


We help our clients with moving their families abroad or decentralizing their companies by taking care of any administrative and bureaucratic problems which crop up. We also deal with issues such as visas, residence permits, citizenship requests, housing search, the school for children, insurance or the importation of goods.

Financial planning

Financial and Wealth planning

We have far-reaching experience in managing capital and diversified investment portfolios and make independence and discretion a top priority. As we do not belong to any banking group, we can guarantee you impartiality and great flexibility in investment policies. Thanks to our experts, we are able to offer customized financial solutions aimed at each individual client’s objectives and relate to the risk profile which has already been set out. In addition to traditional investments, we make extensive and reasoned use of innovative instruments and investment classes, choosing them from those on the global financial market. As far as daily investment is concerned, we never overlook assessing underlying liquidity, the risk management process and product transparency. However, it is always up to the client to decide on the level of delegation or participation in investments, in a continuous partnership approach that is consolidated overtime.

Multi-banking support

To simplify operations and guarantee independence and transparency, we can help our clients manage multiple banks simultaneously to optimize costs and spread out risk. The strategic asset allocation is fundamental in order to reach your goals.

Services to institutional customers

BlueStar Investment Managers SA, the asset management company of VECO Group is an ideal partner for institutional investors who aim to maximize returns while minimizing the risk through tailor-made management consultancy.They offer tailored-made services to institutional customers with regard to asset allocation, the selection of third party funds and the analysis of single and consolidated portfolios.

Monitoring and due diligence

Once we have identified the most suitable risk profile and chosen the investment, we constantly monitor the selected portfolio to ensure consistency with the proposed objectives and assess any adjustments needed to maintain them with the client.

Management and administration

Corporate services, tax assistance and administrative support

We can assist you with every kind of simple or complex administrative practice as we are always looking for effective solutions that will simplify procedures and take the burden off bureaucracy and administration. We can suggest the corporate structure that best suits your business, assist you in the role of Executive Board Member, participate on your behalf at company meetings, assist in the keeping of ordinary, extraordinary and auditing accounts, as well as provide you with general secretarial services.

Analysis, monitoring, reporting

Analyzing results often leads to important decisions about the future. This is why we assist you in every part of your private or entrepreneurial projects to ensure you have sufficient and personalized reporting.

Banking relationship support

We are not a bank, but it is necessary to rely on banking structures to operate on financial markets. This is why we can point you in the right direction of the banking partner most suited to your needs and expectations. The final choice, however, is always up to you.

Strategy and development

Complex strategic management and development

Acquisitions, mergers and complex strategic management. We are able to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in extraordinary and complex transactions that mainly concern:

- Mergers and acquisitions
- Selling companies, sectors or business units
- Sales or introducing new associates
- Leverage & management (LBO, MBO)
- Private equity and advanced finance
- International development

Real estate

Real estate assets have always been one of the main pillars of asset planning, with a view to diversifying investments, alongside a strategy aimed at growing and enhancing assets. Thanks to our experts, we can help you purchase, sell or rent real estate, and if needed, take the reins in managing the administration of the property itself, ensuring transparency and independence.