Swiss Advisors 1973


Collaboration and cooperation are two of our work’s core values. Partnerships are - and must be - the ideal approach to finding solutions to the most complex of problems. To show we really mean it, we often go above and beyond this by becoming shareholders in projects that we share with our clients.

Our partners
S-GE promotes exports and investments on behalf of the Confederation (StateSecretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) and the cantons, helping its clients exploit new potential for their international business and therefore strengthen the Swiss economic market.
SwissChamber is a non-profit association, active since 1919, recognized by the Italian and Swiss authorities. Its mission is to promote the development and growth of commercial, industrial and economic relations between Italy and Switzerland, with particular regard to small and medium-sized enterprises.
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland, based in Zurich, actively contributes to promoting economic and commercial relations between Italy and Switzerland, planning and carrying out projects of economic and commercial expansion in Italy on the Swiss market and vice versa.
This is one of the largest international networks in the world in accounting and auditing. With over 25,000 professionals in 150 countries, it combines local experience and global capabilities to serve clients by supporting their development and international growth.
The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Services of the Canton of Ticino (Cc-Ti), is the umbrella association of the Ticino economy which promotes the activities of companies and sectoral associations through concrete initiatives in various fields. It provides information, targeted services and training courses while encouraging their networking. The CC-Ti is also a privileged interlocutor of the federal and cantonal authorities and represents the link between the state, the political world and the economic reality of the canton.
NetComm Suisse is the first Swiss Association of e-Commerce based in Lugano, Genève and Zurich. NetComm Suisse enables Associates to build their own businesses and at the same time build a strong community of e-Commerce operators for the future. Through networking events, training, institutional relations and research into the digital market, the organization enables greater consumer confidence in e-Commerce and greater success for operators in the industry.
We are part of
OADFCT – The Canton of Ticino self-regulatory guild organization
This is an association of the Canton of Ticino which provides assistance and fiduciary consulting services in compliance with the federal law on money laundering.
FTAF- Ticino Federation of Trustees Association
This organization groups trade associations in the Canton of Ticino ACF, ASG, ExpertSuisse, Fiduciari Suisse, OCCT.
ACF- Association of Federal Accountants
This organization groups the federal accounting experts in finance and auditing with federal certificates.
OCCT - Ticino Order of Accountants
This organization brings together every trustee of the Canton of Ticino who works as an accountant.
ASG - Swiss Association of Asset Management
This is the main professional association of independent asset managers inSwitzerland, with strict self-regulation standards.
SVIT - Association
This organization represents the recognized association in Switzerland which groups professionals and intermediaries in the real estate sector.

We support

We are interested in supporting small philanthropic initiatives in the area we operate in, collaborating with people who we share common interests and passions with.

Missione Possibile Switzerland
Mission Possible wants to respond with passion to the desperation and tragedy that men, women and children live on a daily basis. We wish to be important tools to change the life and the history of peoples near and far, sometimes similar and sometimes different from us.
GICAM - Groupe International Chirurgiens Amis de la Main
A light operating room, with the instrumentation, the surgical instruments, everything necessary to operate the hands sick, deformed, traumatized, amputated, to give back a future, a job, a hope to those who no longer have it.
Quelli che con LUCA
The charity association "those who ... with LUCA onlus" was founded by Andrea Ciccioni in 2011, when his son LUCA, despite a long battle of determination and smiles, very competent doctors and many friends, was defeated by a serious form of acute myeloid leukemia.
Velo Club Capriasca
Velo Club Capriasca is a sports group of Tesserete in the Canton Ticino that manages and organizes sports competitions and amateur mountain-bike excursions, especially with the aim of children and teenagers in their psychomotor development, guaranteeing gradual and progressive competitive sports growth.