Swiss Advisors 1973
The VECO Group strengthens its position in Switzerland and in international markets.

In 2020, the VECO Group will achieve its strategy of expanding in Swiss and international markets by signing major "exclusive" trade deals with leading historic companies in Ticino and has also acquired a Swiss group which operates in Middle Eastern markets and is based in the rapidly evolving international hub of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Bonds: on the hunt for performance

Despite a difficult investment environment and a combination of political and geopolitical, economic and monetary risks, even fixed income securities are still able to give some satisfaction.
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Veco Digital S.A. Is Born

Digital technologies are transforming every vertical market, where understanding Information and CommunicationTechnology (ICT) and using it correctly can represent an incredible accelerating factor. Every sector is trying to evolve in line with the changing needs of clients in order to allow the provision of new innovative services and to improve internal working procedures.
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A modern and flexible tool with a long history

The trust, an exquisitely “British” idea, is the result of the flexible and pragmatic legal system based onAnglo-Saxon common law, whose origin dates back centuries. It was used by rulers and nobles as a way to entrust the management of their property to others when they were engaged in distant and dangerous missions.
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The future of the automotive industry

The automotive industry is an increasingly topical subject, with the main car manufacturers on one side, i.e. the companies that strengthen research and production of electric vehicles, and on the other hand the legislators that concentrate on ever greener and more sustainable energy and transport.
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New conditions of access for Italian companies in Switzerland.
Over the years, the tax regulations governing foreign subsidiaries, known among insiders as CFCs (Controlled Foreign Companies), have undergone numerous changes related to the criteria for identifying states or territories with preferential taxation regimes.
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Tax payments on financial income
Within the context of a securities portfolio, the income (for example, dividends and bond interest) may often be subject to deductions in the source State. Consequently, a phenomenon of double taxation of the same income, or so-called “Juridical double taxation”, could occur both in the source State as well as in the recipient's State of residence.
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The VECO Group looks to the future.
The VECO Group, one of the most important Swiss, private and independent multi-family offices, has renewed its placement among sector leaders, starting from their origins, and presenting themselves with a new image.This is an ambitious strategy and a vision to become the multi-family office advisory boutique in the Canton of Ticino,
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