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The VECO Group looks to the future.
The VECO Group, one of the most important Swiss, private and independent multi-family offices, has renewed its placement among sector leaders, starting from their origins, and presenting themselves with a new image.This is an ambitious strategy and a vision to become the multi-family office advisory boutique in the Canton of Ticino,
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In medio stat virtus

This new year began certainly better if compared to how 2018 closed. The "perfect storm" of simultaneous global slowdown, marked increase in interest rates, restrictive central banks, rising credit spreads, violent cut in earnings estimates, high valuations, euphoric sentiment among investors and American mercantilist rhetoric hit the markets like a hurricane.
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New tax breaks for foreign pensioners.
Paragraph 273 of art. 1, of the 2019 Stability Law code (No. 145 of December 30, 2018) has established, beginning in 2019, for holders of retirement income granted by foreign subjects who transfer their tax residence to Italy, a substitute tax, calculated in flat rate, with a rate of 7% for each of the validity periods of the option.
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