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Stock markets did not even stop to catch their breath in April which ended up being another positive month. Particularly reassuring messages from the central banks, mostly the Fed, combined with macro data, which is either stable or on an upward trend, have recreated the idyllic ‘Goldilocks’ climate which recalls the fantastic year of 2017.
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New conditions of access for Italian companies in Switzerland.
Over the years, the tax regulations governing foreign subsidiaries, known among insiders as CFCs (Controlled Foreign Companies), have undergone numerous changes related to the criteria for identifying states or territories with preferential taxation regimes.
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Tax payments on financial income
Within the context of a securities portfolio, the income (for example, dividends and bond interest) may often be subject to deductions in the source State. Consequently, a phenomenon of double taxation of the same income, or so-called “Juridical double taxation”, could occur both in the source State as well as in the recipient's State of residence.
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New tax breaks for foreign pensioners.
Paragraph 273 of art. 1, of the 2019 Stability Law code (No. 145 of December 30, 2018) has established, beginning in 2019, for holders of retirement income granted by foreign subjects who transfer their tax residence to Italy, a substitute tax, calculated in flat rate, with a rate of 7% for each of the validity periods of the option.
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The VECO Group looks to the future.
The VECO Group, one of the most important Swiss, private and independent multi-family offices, has renewed its placement among sector leaders, starting from their origins, and presenting themselves with a new image.This is an ambitious strategy and a vision to become the multi-family office advisory boutique in the Canton of Ticino,
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