Swiss Advisors 1973

We see the future
through your eyes.
Today. Tomorrow. Always.

We see the future
through your eyes.
Today. Tomorrow. Always.

The Veco Group is a historic Multifamily office. We are an independent Swiss private group based in Lugano, with offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Malta. We have been actively helping our clients succeed in the private, corporate and commercial sectors since 1973.

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We do not provide standard services because focusing on our clients comes above all else. We handle whatever they need: problems they want to solve, goals they want to achieve and we always set our sights on satisfying their ambitions. On this basis, we put our heads together to agree on the best way of achieving set goals and coming up with a personalized plan of action.

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11 march 2019

The VECO Group looks to the future.

The VECO Group, one of the most important Swiss, private and independent multi-family offices, has renewed its placement among sector leaders, starting from their origins, and presenting themselves with a new image.This is an ambitious strategy and a vision to become the multi-family office advisory boutique in the Canton of Ticino,

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