Swiss Advisors 1973

We look at the future
through your eyes.
Today. Tomorrow. Always.

We see the future
through your eyes.
Today. Tomorrow. Always.

The Veco group is a long established independent Swiss Private Multifamily Office, based in Lugano and with offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Malta. We have been actively helping our clients succeed in the private, corporate and commercial sectors since 1973.

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Our services

Our individually tailored services focus on clients‘ needs. We offer solutions to achieve their ambitions and agree with the person, family or business as to the best personalised plan of action to achieve their goals.

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The trust today in Switzerland.
From remote history a modern and flexible tool.

Cycle of 3 training conferences at LAC in Lugano. With the participation of Swiss and International expert speakers. Meetings and speeches will be held in Italian only.

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Big in Japan

When it seemed that the market had gained new strength and was about to breach the value highs for the year, some bad news from the macro data harmed the mood.

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Via Lavizzari 4
6901 Lugano - Switzerland

T  +41 91 911 71 11
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