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Carefully analyzing any issues and listening to clients’ needs means we are able to understand where clients are coming from and how best we can help them achieve their goals.

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Types of clients

Individuals and entrepreneurs
Whatever the type of customer you are, private individuals, entrepreneurs or philanthropists, Swiss or otherwise, we always stay by your side to help you to achieve whatever goals you have.

Local and international intermediaries
Many of our clients are supported by professionals who specialize in various sectors. They can be lawyers, notaries, accountants, personal consultants, etc. Whoever your trusted intermediary may be, we are always around to support you and help you find the best solutions.

Trustees, real estate companies, tax consultants, insurers and independent professionals
Thanks to our size and structure which is able to provide various skills, we can support professionals from various sectors in order to build a solid and profitable partnership for everyone involved and provide the end client with an excellent service.

Companies and commercial enterprises
If you have invested your time, effort and money into a business, we can support you with some of your business choices and always try to come up with objective and independent solutions. For us, this is always just the start.

Banks and financial institutions
These have always been our outstanding intermediaries, one of our business’s core and essential pillars. We like to define banks and financial institutions as partners that focus on clients’ needs.