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The Veco Group was founded by Roberto Verga, the current honorary president, on October 3rd, 1973. It was known as Fiduciaria Verga. With great foresight and drive to achieve success for his clients, he began offering services guaranteed to meet the clients every need.

Over the years, the group has broadened its horizons and opened many branches all over the world. Today the Group has over 1000 clients of 20 different nationalities, over 50 employees in Switzerland and works with 30 banks in 8 jurisdictions around the globe.

With almost half a century of history under our belt we keep our sights set on the future and continue to explore any development to support our desire to always meet our clients demands.

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Our mission

Our mission statement is: ‘always on your side’.
Regardless of whichever service clients need from us, we always look at problems from their perspective to find the best solution and achieve the set goal. Finding individualised, personal solutions means we offer a non-standard plan to meet the needs of the client.

This makes us a reliable, independent and objective partner that aims to satisfy and often even exceed your expectations. We want to set up along-lasting, trustworthy relationship with every client. Today, tomorrow, always.

Roberto Verga, Founder and Honorary Chairman

Our values
We make sure to protect clients’ interests with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

The long-lasting relationships we build with our clients are personal and friendly - a sign of unwavering mutual trust.
We also manage complex issues while maintaining independent judgment and abiding by a strict code of ethics.

We have preserved the traditions, values ​​and behaviors that underpin the trust we establish with our clients.

Our background

The Veco Group was set up in Lugano on October 3, 1973 and initially known as Fiduciaria Verga. Its founder is Roberto Verga, who is now the Group ’s honorary president. Thanks to its collaboration with the main banks, Fiduciaria Verga rapidly expanded to specialize in Trust, International Taxation and Corporate Management.

With a view to diversifying the business, Veco Invest, the group's asset management company, was established in 1988. In the 1990s, The Veco Group widened its vision by opening offices in different European countries, subsequently in Dubai and Hong Kong.

The global economic crisis of 2008 and the resulting recession saw Switzerland adopt a new regulation by wavering banking secrecy; a factor that led the Group to restructuring under the new regulations. The trust sector and asset management - the two founding pillars of Veco – were strengthened, while new ways were opened up to diversify their activities.

In 2016, BlueStar Investment Managers SA, a fund management company serving banks and institutional clients, was founded. In 2018 the Veco Group acquired a participation in Tradefidam SA, a real estate trust company in Lugano and in 2019 two new business branches are born, Veco Insurance SA and Veco Digital SA, to complete the Group's growth strategy.

In 2019, the Group’s image underwent an overhaul, keeping the original name and colours but looking to the future and highlighting its historical values ​​of confidentiality, independence, integrity and familiarity.

Antonio Mandrà
Chairman VECO Group
CEO VECO Advisory SA
Davide Verga
Deputy Chairman VECO Group
Stefano Fiala
President BlueStar Investment Managers SA
Fabrizio Di Bello
Deputy CEO VECO Invest SA
Simona Genini
Board member - VECO Advisory SA and VECO Trustee SA
Luca Ronchetti
Marketing Director & Business Development
Olivier Baggi
CEO BlueStar Investment Managers SA
Angelica Terzi
Board member - VECO Group
Alessandro Marrarosa
Piero Bernasconi
CEO VECO Insurance SA
Client Advisors
Monica Caspani
Senior Corporate & Tax manager
Simone Cocquio
Senior Corporate & Tax manager
Alessandro Mele
Senior Corporate & Tax manager
Joseph Moresi
Senior Wealth Manager
Cristian Oligeri
Senior Wealth Manager
Harry Stoffel
Senior Wealth Manager
Roberto Zibelli
Senior Corporate & Tax manager